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The Importance of Friends

Increasingly research shows that friendship is important to our health.  This article extends the common idea of friendship as support and sharing of day to day activities to include the importance of strengthening the bonds of friendship by talking about the relationship itself.

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Being a Parent

Parenting is a difficult.  Maintaining a balance between responding with empathy and responding with authority is challenging.  I find that in the past 10-20 years, using parenting authority has become out of favor.  This results in children who are more anxious and who don’t respect the rules.  This article speaks cogently to this issue and gives suggestions as to how to “take back” the authoritative stance we need.

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Are You Addicted to Food?

This article explores the connections between our drive for highly palatable food and processes in the brain.

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Guilt vs. Shame

(Most) Guilt and shame are feelings that undermine our sense of well-being.  This article and graphic explains the difference and gives us strategies to cope.

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Illusive Sleep

Many of my clients have difficulty sleeping.  These days, the bed is used for many functions and has lost it’s meaning as the place for sleep.  This article gives helpful suggestions to restore restful and satisfying sleep. I love this article because it summarizes in two pages what 300 page books try to say.

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Nature vs. Nurture

It is important to me to be a good parent.  How I evaluate my parenting often influences how I feel about myself.  This article makes some sense about the nature/nurture controversy and how the child’s personality factors may play a role in what I can do as a parent.

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Bladder Liberation

I enjoy finding and sharing new information about medical issues that may be present for my clients.  I appreciate that this physical therapist was able to question the traditional treatment approach she had been using and move forward with something less known but more effective.  Click here to read the article.

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Raising Children with Gratitude

I find it sad that I notice an increase in entitlement in both children and adults.  Many parents simply do not know how to encourage their children to feel grateful.  This article offers some useful tips.

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I have found the effects of concussions wide ranging and a bit mysterious.  This Scientific American Mind article suggests that there is a hormonal explanation.  I hope a clinical application can be developed soon

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Saturated Fat – New Perspective

This summary article speaks of the newer research about the effects of dietary fat on health.  It states that “….scientists found no evidence that eating saturated fat increased heart attacks and other cardiac events”.  It also stated that, “The researchers did find a link between trans fate, the now widely maligned partially hydrogenated oils that had long been added to processed foods”.

My conclusion is that it is time to rethink our fat consumption.

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