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How Arteries Age

This Nutrition Action Newsletter Article describes how our arteries age to create high blood pressure.  Research shows that even one high fat meal can change arterial health!  Further, it discusses the positive impact of exercise, diet and nutritional supplements.

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A Key: Controlling our Food Environment

I love Brian Wansink’s research and suggestions.  He is clear that willpower doesn’t work to push away food.  Instead, he shows that if we change our food environment, our food choices will change.  His book, “Mindless Eating” is summarized in this Nutrition Action Newsletter Article.

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“I Can’t Think!”

I have an ambivalent relationship with my new IPhone.  I love that I can access information anywhere, anytime.  However, I don’t like the addictive quality of the attention I am drawn to pay to it.  Bells and whistles calling my attention:  a new free app?  a new email?  This Newsweek article explains how our decision […]

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