Nancy Adler Jones

Identifying "red flags"

I love reading advice columns.  They can succinctly express ideas with which I have been struggling.  This article in the Seattle Times speaks to how manipulators create self-doubt in the other person in the relationship.  It points to how if you are feeling shame about yourself because of how the other person is acting, you […]

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Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney documents have been the way in which elder people have been able to turn over management of their finances and other matters to family or friends.  This legal mechanism is no longer fail-safe.  The Wall Street Journal gives advice about what to do in these situations in this interesting article.  Of course, […]

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Keeping a Paper Trail

There’s a lot of encouragement by organizations to send out electronic records rather than  paper ones.  While convenient in some ways, there are some documents that need to be kept in paper.  This article lets you know which are which.

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