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Snohomish County Resources

Do you ever want to call the fire or police departments without dialing 911 because the situation is not an emergency?  Here is a list of phone numbers for local police and fire departments, as well as for common medical resources and hotlines.

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How to Get a Leg Up for Fitness

“Wellness Coaching” is a relatively new phenomenon.  However, it piggybacks on the idea that therapists have known for years:  Many people achieve difficult changes more effectively when done in relationship to another person. This article describes one woman’s experience working with a life coach, making small changes over time that are long lasting. For a […]

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"How to Train a Husband"

Research has now shown what our grandmothers knew:  “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”.  This Newsweek article summarizes Amy Sutherlan’s book “What Shamu taught me about Life, Love, and Marriage”. The idea that you can help those around you more easily do what you would like by moving towards the positive […]

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Safety of Cosmetics and other Personal Products

Do you ever wonder if the shampoo you are using is toxic or if the sun screen you use really protects your skin? The environmental working group has researched many skin, hair, fregrance, and other health and beauty aids for safety and effectiveness. Clink here to link to their site to find out the hidden […]

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Grieving – Your Own Way

So much of getting through grief is accepting one’s unique thoughts and feelings.  Everyone’s grief is different. “The Elephant in the Middle of the Room” illustrates this idea.

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