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Parenting in the Age of Disrespect

Dr. Sax’s wonderful article on Parenting talks about how disrespect has become common in children – how it manifests later as anxiety, depression and overweight, and parenting strategies to deal with it.

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Do you have a sense of how much willpower you have?  Did you know that your willpower gets used up as you make decisions throughout the day?  This article succinctly talks about how to use habits as a way to not need willpower to make healthy decisions throughout the day.

A book I love about this subject is “Better than Before” by Gretchen Rubin

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Social Ties

It has long been believed that intimate social contacts improved psychological and physical health. This article reports on research that even weak social ties have a positive effect.  Chatting with the barista, the grocery cashier, smiling at a neighbor while walking by improve our well being!

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Confused About Alcohol

Is alcohol good, bad, or in-between?

This article sheds light on how alcohol acts in the body and some guidelines about drinking for those in whom it is safe to drink at all.

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Respite vouchers for Unpaid Family Caregivers

Many family caregivers are unaware that they can receive some reimbursement for their time taking care of a loved one.  Here is some information about this valuable program.

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When should you eat?

Advice has been around for a long time that eating breakfast is a healthy habit.  This article cites some science around this recommendation.

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The 3,500 calorie rule

I am pleased that the nutrition community is talking more about metabolic effects of food rather than about calorie count.  This article sheds light on this important topic.

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DNA and Anti-Depressant Choice

I’ve been puzzled about why anti-depressants work for some of my clients and not for others.  The answer may come from the new field of “genomics” – using genetic tests to find out how different drugs may be metabolized uniquely in a particular person.  Click here to read more.

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Strategies for Older Workers

If you are over 40, you may be competing with younger workers whose tech skills have outpaced yours.  If you are over 55, the challenge is even greater.  I found these ideas useful in navigating the “tech gap”.

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Natural Approaches to Health

I’m fascinated by the wealth of information given in the “People’s Pharmacy”.  This particular article addresses possible approaches for polycystic ovarian syndrome and general inflammation.  The caveat here is that this is not a substitute for medical advice.

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