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The Meaning of Symptoms

One of the tools therapists might use to help clients is to manage symptoms. Alternately, we might explore their meaning. This article clearly explores those concepts.

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World’s Most Nutritious Foods

I like to read about food. The more information I have, the better I can do with tailoring my own eating and helping others do the same. This list points to foods that have the greatest nutritional impact.

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Self-Compassion is like putting and “emotional salve” on difficult inner and outer experiences. This article describes the roots of this perspective as well as the positive effects and occasional back-firing.

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Finding a Therapist

Many of my clients tell me that the process of finding a therapist was difficult for them. This article offers advice and a process to go through to find one and to listen to one’s own reaction to being with the therapist to determine is there is a good fit.

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Individual Approach to Weight Loss

There appears to be no “one size fits all” approach to weight loss.  Clearly, limiting sugar and other refined carbohydrates is something most weight loss experts can agree on, there are other factors involved – like what food plan fits for you?  What plan can you follow and adhere to most of the time?

This article speaks to the importance of looking at the individual’s needs to find a weight loss approach that might work for them.

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“Always Hungry? Here’s Why”

The understanding of obesity has changed.  (Given how research evolves, it may change again!)  This article asks us to shift our understanding of weight loss from a “calories in, calories out” equation to an understanding of how food composition affects our ability to lose weight.

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How Can Traumatic Memories Be Changed?

I find neuroscience difficult to understand, even though I use it’s concepts daily.  I felt thrilled to find this article reviewing some of the latest research about memories and memory reconsolidation.  It not only talks about the science in understandable ways, but adds a very personal note about one of the researchers personal histories.

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Parenting in the Age of Disrespect

Dr. Sax’s wonderful article on Parenting talks about how disrespect has become common in children – how it manifests later as anxiety, depression and overweight, and parenting strategies to deal with it.

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Do you have a sense of how much willpower you have?  Did you know that your willpower gets used up as you make decisions throughout the day?  This article succinctly talks about how to use habits as a way to not need willpower to make healthy decisions throughout the day.

A book I love about this subject is “Better than Before” by Gretchen Rubin

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Social Ties

It has long been believed that intimate social contacts improved psychological and physical health. This article reports on research that even weak social ties have a positive effect.  Chatting with the barista, the grocery cashier, smiling at a neighbor while walking by improve our well being!

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