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Social Ties

It has long been believed that intimate social contacts improved psychological and physical health. This article reports on research that even weak social ties have a positive effect.  Chatting with the barista, the grocery cashier, smiling at a neighbor while walking by improve our well being!

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Are you being “driven crazy” in a relationship?  It could be that you are in a relationship with someone who “gaslights”.  This article from “Psychology Today” (gaslighting) outlines their behavior to make it easier to spot if that process is happening to you.

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The Importance of Friends

Increasingly research shows that friendship is important to our health.  This article extends the common idea of friendship as support and sharing of day to day activities to include the importance of strengthening the bonds of friendship by talking about the relationship itself.

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Couples Therapy for One

Many people, frustrated in marriage, see couple’s counseling as a solution.  With some frequency, their partner has a different opinion.  I find this Wall Street Journal article insightful as to how going to therapy alone can ultimately help the marriage.

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Identifying "red flags"

I love reading advice columns.  They can succinctly express ideas with which I have been struggling.  This article in the Seattle Times speaks to how manipulators create self-doubt in the other person in the relationship.  It points to how if you are feeling shame about yourself because of how the other person is acting, you […]

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It’s difficult to comprehend the apparently contradictory concepts of caring and letting go.  This article by Martha Beck explains it beautifully.  I caution, however, to make sure have arrived at an internal state of not caring (not about the person, but about what they do) before saying so.

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Many people begin counseling because of a relationship break-up. Longing in the heart lasts so much longer than the realization that the relationship needs to end.  This Discover Magazine article talks about the neurology of this phenomenon.  Sometimes knowing the biological basis for a troubling phenomenon helps folks feel less self-blame.

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Are You the One for Me?

Are you considering marriage?  How do you know that you are choosing the right person to marry?  This series of questions allows couples to talk about all of those pesky beliefs, habits, interests, etc. that are difficult to discuss and might predict the viability of the relationship. This program is also good for couples who […]

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"How to Train a Husband"

Research has now shown what our grandmothers knew:  “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”.  This Newsweek article summarizes Amy Sutherlan’s book “What Shamu taught me about Life, Love, and Marriage”. The idea that you can help those around you more easily do what you would like by moving towards the positive […]

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