Nancy Adler Jones

The Meaning of Symptoms

One of the tools therapists might use to help clients is to manage symptoms. Alternately, we might explore their meaning. This article clearly explores those concepts.

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World’s Most Nutritious Foods

I like to read about food. The more information I have, the better I can do with tailoring my own eating and helping others do the same. This list points to foods that have the greatest nutritional impact.

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Self-Compassion is like putting and “emotional salve” on difficult inner and outer experiences. This article describes the roots of this perspective as well as the positive effects and occasional back-firing.

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Finding a Therapist

Many of my clients tell me that the process of finding a therapist was difficult for them. This article offers advice and a process to go through to find one and to listen to one’s own reaction to being with the therapist to determine is there is a good fit.

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