Nancy Adler Jones

"Lose Weight Without Really Trying"

I am humbled by how difficult it is to lose weight and keep it off.  Brian Wansick has studied how environmental cues manipulate our feelings of hunger and satiety.  He demonstrates that by manipulating those cues, we can eliminate calories from our diet without noticing it.  This article published in the AARP magazine offers some […]

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Why are we getting fatter?

This Newsweek article suggests a link between environmental factors and obesity.  Why are animals in the wild betting heavier, not just humans?  This topic needs a lot more research.  In the meantime, I will stop heating food in plastic containers to avoid getting a dose of unwanted chemicals in my food.

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Travel for Singles

I have encountered many single clients who would like to travel, but are concerned about traveling alone.  This AARP article tells of resources to find travel companions, as well as strategies for getting single rooms at double room prices.

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