Nancy Adler Jones

"How to Train a Husband"

Research has now shown what our grandmothers knew:  “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”.  This Newsweek article summarizes Amy Sutherlan’s book “What Shamu taught me about Life, Love, and Marriage”. The idea that you can help those around you more easily do what you would like by moving towards the positive is sound. To quote from the article,

  • Reward positive behavior: If your mate picks up just one dirty sock without being asked, give lots of praise. Or a tasty fish.
  • Ignore negatives: Don t nag about the rest of the filthy laundry still piled on the floor. Trainers call this Least Reinforcing Scenario.
  • Don t take it personally: Laundry is just laundry, not a symbol for how much your spouse loves you or values your marriage.

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Thu, January 1 2009 » Relatioinships